The idea to form a Nigerian Medical Association in Germany fell on a Sunday in autumn 1975, after friendly discussions at the residence of the initiator, Dr. med. Daniel Ubani  with the co-founders, Dr. med. Oscar Umoh, Dr. med. Joe Okey and Dr. med. Douglas Acholonu. This was against the backdrop of the fact that at the time (a few years after Nigeria-Biafra Civil War) there were many Nigerians who had qualified as medical doctors in Germany, some of these undergoing post-graduate training in various medical disciplines, some already finished and qualified and working at various Germany hospitals, whereas some were still doing their houseman ship, not to talk of many others who had gained admissions into medical schools to study. As the NMA was formed, it had its  seat in Bonn.

In those years unfortunately the policy of the Germany government was that every foreign student, “especially those from African countries”, after their studies (first degree) must return to their countries of origin! Much as we understood and respected the government policy, the founding fathers of the NMA-Germany did not identify with this one-sided policy which did not allow individual democratic decision for the people concerned. We saw in it a flagrant  discrimination against the people from African countries. We noted that the passing of the Medical State Examinations alone was not the end of the endeavor, rather a post-graduate qualification was necessary to place a Nigerian doctor trained in Germany in a better position to work in Nigeria and also to equip him/her to compete with colleagues trained in the US or in the UK. This was the foremost idea behind the formation of the NMA to organize at the time the almost 200 Nigerian medical doctors in Germany.


a) NMA serves as a Forum for Nigerian doctors in Germany to discuss and exchange views on problems affecting all branches of medicine, especially on new scientific findings and experience in practice, clinic and as they concern the health care delivery.

b) Engages itself with the structure, organization and execution of the Nigerian Health Care Delivery and public health program.

c) Organizes scientific Seminars and Continuous Medical Education.         

*To be continued !!